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Inspiring Freedom: A Leader's Guide
MOPS - Free Indeed Christmas Ornament
MOPS - Tattoos -The Freedom Pack (6 Pk)
MOPS - Convertible Diaper Bag Kit
MOPS - Free Indeed Notepad Set with Pen
MOPS - Scoopneck - Free Indeed
MOPS - Free Indeed Click Pen
MOPS - Free Indeed Keychain
MOPS - Free Indeed Lanyard
MOPS - V neck - Free Indeed
MOPS - Black Matte Coffee Mug
MOPS - Plush Magnetic Bunny
MOPS - Free Indeed Notepad
MOPS - Free Indeed Coffee Mug
MOPS - Free Indeed Magnetic Notepad
MOPS - PopSocket®
MOPS - Sticky Notes and Pen Set
MOPS - Logo Hat 2017 (Khaki)
MOPS - 25 oz Water Bottle
MOPS - V neck - This Is Motherhood (Charcoal)
MOPS - Logo Bottle Band
MOPS - Plush Magnetic Bear
MOPS – Fleece Rollup Blanket With Handle
MOPS - Window Cling
MOPS - Mini First Aid Kit
MOPS - Nalgene Water Bottle
MOPS - Frame Magnet
MOPS - Sticker
MOPS - Momming is Hard - Set of 10 Invitation Cards
MOPS - Stencil Sheet

When you shop the MOPS Store, you’re helping to reach moms just like you in every corner of the globe. She may be raising her children in a village in India or Guatemala, fleeing her war-torn land or carrying her baby through the bustling streets of Kampala or London. Wherever she may be, she is a mother who shares your vision: to see her family thrive. Whether you’re celebrating this year’s theme or showing off your MOPS pride, when you buy from our store, you’re contributing to the health of the MOPS Ministry and to a global sisterhood of world-raisers.